Friday, 31 May 2013

The Bannockburn Spell Print release and...zombies!

I love my publisher! In a strictly professional way that is. 
Writing for Total-E-Bound Publishing  is awz-mazing!
That's a combo of awesome and amazing - or so my kidlets tell me. (Man I feel old,*eye roll*)

Why are they so special, you ask?

Because up until today, two of my three books have gone to print.
Today that changes, I am now officially three for three baby! WOO HOO!
That's right kids The Bannockburn Spell is now in PRINT!     
PRINT I tells yah! why I love my publisher.

Click to buy  The Bannockburn Spell

So, it is time to get ink on your hands and paper cuts on your fingers. Whoot! Whoot!

FYI....I'm throwing a little giveaway on Goodreads starting on Friday May 17th. So, 5 lucky readers better be heading to the drug store to pick up some Band-Aids. LOL

This is such a fantastic feeling. All my stories are now published in both ebooks and in Print books, it doesn't get much better than that.

  Will you have candles and books at the ready?
Not to mention, I'm totally safe if there is an unexpected EMP (elector magnetic pulse) burst over my house that wipes out all electrical devises. We won't be able to drive anywhere, call anyone, I won't  be able to cook dinner (which BTW I'm totally cool with, I hate cooking), but damn...I will have proof that I wrote three books. Feeding my family hot meals is overrated, they will have to suck it up and ride the sandwich train for a while.

Remember those rules people!
And what happens if there is some sort of infection that turns people into zombies? Well, while people are running for their lives they can carry a copy of The Bannockburn Spell or No Matter When in there backpacks. Books are lightweight, can easily be shoved into the outside pocket which leaves room for other important things like food, clean underwear and toilet paper.
Most important rule!
Let's face it, even people that spend their days chopping the heads off of zombies need down time, and what better way to enjoy your downtime then to kick back and read a book while munching on Twinkies. LOL

I just wanted to share my good news about The Bannockburn Spell and a few of my reasons for loving print books.
Although, there is something to be said about carrying a thousand books around with you in a devise that weights less than two pounds.

But what happens when you're in the middle of a great read and all of the above has happened?

Ask the local zombies for help?



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