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A List in Time By Author Lisabet Sarai

Happy Monday!
I am thrilled to welcome fellow TEB Author Lisabet Sarai today. Lisabet is here to share her latest Erotic Romance Rajasthani Moon. This little gem has a bit of everything from BDSM to Steampunk so get ready folks, this one will thrill the senses. 
Take it away Lisabet.

Greetings, everyone! I'm delighted to be here at Nancy's place, meeting a bunch of new folks and sharing a bit about my newest release Rajasthani Moon.

When I asked Nancy what sort of blog posts she liked, she mentioned that lists are often popular. So I thought I'd try and list the top ten things I love about being an author.

I've been publishing erotica and erotic romance now for fourteen years, and I've seen a lot of changes. With the tsunami of self-published work flooding the electronic shelves these days, it has become harder than ever to find readers and make sales. Sometimes I get a bit discouraged. (I think we all do.) But then I remember that I'm really not in it for money or fame. There are other rewards, more enduring and ultimately more satisfying.

Ten Things I Love About Being an Author


1.  I can create worlds. There's something magical about starting with a premise, a set of characters and a setting and building a fully-fleshed world, entirely out of words – a world that can make people laugh, cry, hope, and believe.

2. I can let my dirty mind run free. For years I kept my most outrageous fantasies to myself, but now I can share them with like-minded readers without feeling (too much) like a pervert.

3. I get to use all my years of education. From the time I entered school, I spent nineteen years in educational institutions. (Some might say I was trying to escape the real world. Yeah, we authors do that sometimes...) During those years I wrote a lot of non-fiction and honed my ability to express ideas clearly in written form. Writing fiction demands some of those same skills – at very least competence in grammar and spelling!

4. I can relax from my day job. Writing fiction provides a welcome contrast to my real world occupation. I enjoy my technical, detail-oriented day job, but writing lets me practice a very different kind of thinking.

5. All the books I buy are tax-deductible. I've sometimes thought I should try to deduct the costs of travel as well, since so many of my books have foreign settings. Rajasthani Moon, for instance, is set in India. My first novel, Raw Silk, takes place in Thailand. However, I've decided not to push it...! Books though, are legitimate business expenses, since I need them to evaluate potential new publishers, suss out the competition, or do research.

6. Royalty checks. I don't make my living from my writing, nor do I write primarily for the money. However, I'd be lying if I pretended I don't get a thrill whenever there's a new deposit into my PayPal account.

7. Reviews. Yes, of course, reviews are a double-edged sword. A negative review can definitely ruin my day. However, for me, the joy that comes from a positive review more than balances the funk I get into when someone pans my book. I know that I can't please everyone. That just makes every person who does like my work even more precious.

8. Book covers. I've been fortunate to have had some great cover artists over the years. When I look over the collection of my covers, I feel warm all over. It's almost like looking through an album of family photos, reliving the creation of each book. I don't have children, so in some sense my books are my babies.

9. Other authors. I've come to know many amazing writers through my various online communities. I count some of them among my closest friends, even though it may be that we've never met in the flesh. I value their support and advice – and I try to offer the same to them, and to new authors just getting into the business. When I first started publishing in 1999, writing was a lonely occupation, but the Internet has changed that completely.

10.Readers. The absolute best thing about being an author is getting a note from a reader, telling you that he or she loved your book. There's a deep sense of validation that comes from knowing you've managed to communicate your vision to another human being, though the fragile medium of the written word. More than anything else, that's what keeps me going - even as Amazon mucks around with search algorithms, as trolls post negative reviews, as poorly written and cliched titles hit the best seller lists, and everybody in the world seems to shouting about his or her masterpiece. As long as there are readers who want more of what I've got, I'll probably keep writing. 

If you'd like to check out some of my covers, take a look at the cover gallery on my website

Just click on a cover for more information and an opportunity to buy.
Speaking of books, let me tell you a bit about Rajasthani Moon, my multi-genre erotic romance.
Neither kink nor curse can stop a woman with a mission.

Cecily Harrowsmith, secret agent extraordinaire, is a woman on a mission. When the remote Indian kingdom of Rajasthan refused to remit its taxes to the Empire, Her Majesty imposed an embargo. Deprived of the energy-rich mineral viridium, essential for modern technology and development, Rajasthan was expected to quickly give in and resume its payments. Yet after three years, the rebellious principality still has not knuckled under. Cecily undertakes the difficult journey to the rugged, arid land of the Rajputs to determine just how it has managed to survive, and if possible to convince the country to return to the Empire's embrace. Instead, she's taken captive by a brigand who turns out to be the ruler's half-brother Pratan and delivered into the hands of the sexy but sadistic Rajah Amir, who expertly mingles torture and delight in his interrogation of the voluptuous interloper.

Cursed before birth by Amir's jealous mother, Pratan changes to a ravening wolf whenever the moon is full. Cecily uncovers the counter-spell that can reverse the effects of the former queen's hex and tries to trade that information for her freedom. Drawn to the fierce wolf-man and sympathising with his suffering, she volunteers to serve as the sacrifice required by the ritual - offering her body to the beast. In return, the Rajah reveal Rajasthan's amazing secret source of energy. In the face of almost impossible odds, Cecily has accomplished the task entrusted to her by the Empire. But can she really bear to leave the virile half-brothers and their colourful land behind and return to constraints of her life in England?



Excerpt (Rated R)
“Good morning, Cecily.”
She started and brought her hand to her racing heart. She’d been right—there must be some way for them to spy on her. How else had he known she was awake?
“Have you never heard that it’s polite to knock, Pratan? But then matters of etiquette do not much concern a bandit like you, do they?”
The Rajah’s brother perched on the corner of the bed, looking more royal than usual. He wore flowing trousers of midnight-blue silk, and an embroidered kurta in a lighter shade, set with pearls. He had combed his moustache and brushed his long hair. It hung in a gleaming plait over one broad shoulder. Despite her earlier resolution, Cecily felt herself moisten at the delicious sight.
“My apologies, lady. I came to inquire after your health.”
Cecily glanced around the room, seeking some sort of clothing. She didn’t want to converse with Pratan naked, if she could help it. She knew he could read the signs of arousal in her body. Whatever had happened to her luggage from the expropriated coach? It certainly didn’t seem to be anywhere in this room.
Finally, she grabbed the sheet off the bed and wrapped it around her ample curves, then seated herself in a chair across from the bed. Given the small size of the chamber, this didn’t put much distance between them.
Pratan raised an eyebrow in amusement at her modesty, but said nothing.
“My health is fine. Why do you ask?”
“Well, we used you rather hard last night.”
Now it was Cecily’s turn to cock a silent eyebrow.
“You swooned senseless toward the end. My brother and I were worried.”
“Why should you care about the well-being of a prisoner? A sex slave?”
“Be honest, Cecily. We didn’t exactly compel you last night.”
“Of course you did.” Cecily shook her head in mock exasperation. In fact she was intrigued by his apparent concern. “I had no choice in the matter.”
“You could have refused.”
“I did refuse, multiple times, if you recall. To no avail.” 
“Well, you seemed to enjoy our attentions so much…”The uncertainty on Pratan’s face made him look younger. “We assumed you weren’t serious. You were obviously aroused, even by the flogging. If you’d really hated it, we would have stopped. Or at least I would have.”
“No means no. My level of excitement is irrelevant. In any case, I suspect that the Rajah would have continued regardless. He has a cruel streak, I’ve been told.”
Pratan’s eyebrows twisted into a scowl. Cecily pressed her advantage.
“In any case, I seem to be perfectly healthy, aside from the expected effects from being beaten and then fucked senseless.”
“You asked me to fuck you.” His black eyes flashed. “That at least you can’t deny.”
“You’re quite right.” Cecily shook her head wearily. “The flesh is weak, as we all know. It shan’t happen again.”
Pratan was on his feet in an instant. He dragged her out of her chair and pulled her to his chest. “I hope that’s not true,” he murmured, nuzzling her ear. “Because I most certainly would like a repeat engagement.” His strength, his now-familiar scent—Cecily fought her instinctive reaction, her urge to melt into his arms and offer him her body. She might have succeeded, had he not fastened his mouth on hers in a firm but unexpectedly chaste kiss.
This morning he tasted of oranges and black tea. She opened, almost automatically, silently inviting his tongue to enter. When he did not respond, she ran her own tongue along the seam of his closed lips, seeking access. Her nipples peaked under the sheet. Moisture pooled between her thighs.
He broke the kiss to lick her earlobe. She squirmed as though he’d flicked his tongue across her taut clit.
His breath was hot against her neck. “Do you want something, Miss Harrowsmith?” He gave her full bottom a brief squeeze. “All you have to do is ask. But if you don’t ask…” He released her, allowing her to sink back into her chair. His mocking smile made her fume.
You can buy Rajasthani Moon at Total-E-Bound (they can send it direct to your ereader), Amazon, Barnes& Noble and other online bookstores.
My warmest thanks to Nancy for having me as her guest. Today is the first day of my two week Rajasthani Moon blog tour.
I'm giving away a $50 book store gift certificate as a grand prize to one randomly selected commenter from the tour, plus a book from my back list at each stop.
I've decided to include this blog in the giveaway. So leave a comment below, with your email address, and you could win the gift certificate, a copy of the BDSM anthology Master Me (including my story The Understudy), or maybe even both!
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Lisabet Sarai became addicted to words at an early age. She began reading when she was four. She wrote her first story at five years old and her first poem at seven. Since then, she has written plays, tutorials, scholarly articles, marketing brochures, software specifications, self-help books, press releases, a five-hundred page dissertation, and lots of erotica and erotic romance – nearly fifty single author titles, plus dozens of short stories in various erotic anthologies, including the Lambda winner Where the Girls Are and the IPPIE Best Erotic Book of 2011, Carnal Machines. Her gay scifi erotic romance Quarantine won a Rainbow Awards 2012 Honorable Mention.
Lisabet has more degrees than anyone would ever need, from prestigious educational institutions who would no doubt be deeply embarrassed by her chosen genre.  She has traveled widely and currently lives in Southeast Asia with her indulgent husband and two exceptional felines, where she pursues an alternative career that is completely unrelated to her creative writing.
For more information about Lisabet and her writing, visit her website ( or her blog Beyond Romance (

Thanks for stopping by Lisabet and giving us a taste of Rajasthani Moon!



  1. Hi, Nancy,

    Thanks so much for having me as your guest, and also for suggesting the list idea. It was a lot of fun to do!

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    1. My pleasure Lisabet. You are welcome any time.

  2. Hi Lisabet and Nancy (my fellow Canuck):

    It's morning here in Canada and I all of a sudden I don't want my morning coffee and am in the mood for the taste of oranges and black tea. Loved the excerpt, Lisabet, as well at the top 10 list. What fun! I wish you all the best kicking off your blog tour for Rajasthani Moon!

    H K

    1. Thanks, H.K.!

      I don't think anything could overrule *my* need for coffee. Not even Pratan!

  3. Its lovely to have an Excerpt to read in the morning! Thank you Lisabet for sharing your top ten and for the Giveaway! Thanks Nancy for hosting :-)

    1. Hello, Wendy,

      Thanks for joining in the fun. I've got lots more excerpts to share over the next two weeks.

  4. That *is* a fun list...I've heard of some erotica writers writing off p*rn for research, which must give the IRS folks a thrill when they read the itemizations!

    Trix, vitajex(at)aol(dot)com

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      You don't have to tell the IRS *what* you're reading or watching (thank goodness!)

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    1. Hi, Jen,

      Yes - I actually make enough (barely) to profit after my expenses!

      Thanks for coming by.

  6. Hello Lisabet & Nancy,
    Thank you Nancy for hosting the Extremely Talented Lisabet, one of my Most Favorite Authors on your Blog today :)
    Hello to you Lisabet, thank you for sharing that spicy teaser from "Rajasthani Moon", WooHoo it sure sounds like Cecily had some night with the Brothers!! ;) Ohhh I can't wait to read this book, these excerpts along your tour are going to have me fanning myself!! ;)
    I really liked your 10 things you love about being an list is must longer as why I Love you being an're always so sweet to your Fans...& as long as you keep writing & publishing books, I'll keep on buying & reading them :)
    Wishing you all the Best with your new Book & your Blog Tour.
    Take Care & Stay Naughty,
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  7. Congrats on your new book. Steampunk/BDSM is indeed an interesting genre. I would love to read it. I think conferences can be deducted, but I'm not sure about travel for research. Seems like it should be though. Good luck!

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