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Promoted by the Billionaire - Party Day #5 Enough for Him

It's my pleasure this week to host the new Total-E-Bound M/M Anthology, Promoted by the Billionaire.

Each day throughout the week I will be introducing you to steamy M/M romances, share excerpts and introduce you to the talented authors who created these erotic tales.



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The Promoted by the Billionaire gang is also throwing a little giveaway this week.
Your job is to leave a comment for any or better yet… all the Promoted by the Billionaire authors.
At the end of the week Saturday, April 6,2013 the
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The lucky winner will receive three eBooks :
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2) a copy of Marie Sexton's short fairy tale story, Cinder,
3) a copy of The Florentine Treasure, by Rowan Speedwell

Up today...

Enough for Him
by Em Woods
When secrets come to light, two men must realize that, despite their fears, the love they have really is enough.

When software mogul Shannon Murphy is requested to appear at an international convention to accept an innovation award, he’s honored. But when the invitation arrives and requires the attendance of his fictional partner, he needs a plan. There is only one man he wants, one man he trusts, to help him. He turns to personal assistant and best friend, Noah Greene.
Noah isn’t sure if this is his most secret desire come true, or his worst nightmare. Once the media connects them in a relationship, no secret will be safe, and Noah is positive that Shannon won’t be comfortable in the reflected spotlight of a recovering gambling addict. Unable to turn away his friend, Noah decides to do this one favor for Shannon before sacrificing everything he’s worked so hard to build and walking away.

Excerpt from Enough for Him

Noah sat with his head resting on his folded arms, staring at his desktop two inches from his nose. Well, in fairness, he didn’t really see the desktop because he couldn’t get that kiss out of his head.

What had he been thinking? He couldn’t do this. Could. Not.

A stiff knock at his door heralded an unwanted visitor. He sat up straight, brushed his fingers over his hair and pasted on a smile. “Come in.”

AJ peeked around his door. “Got a minute?”

Shit. If he’d not wanted Shannon to be on the other side of the door, it was only a close second for this man. “Sure. What did you need?”

His friend sank into the same chair Shannon had occupied only a scant hour before when he’d crushed his dreams and ousted him from the only job he’d known. Noah shook his head to rid himself of the annoyance. He was good at managing an office. He’d be in work in no time.

Silence registered on his radar. Noah looked expectantly at AJ, who stared right back, one eyebrow lifted. “What?”

“I asked if you were okay.”

Oh. “I’m fine.”

“You’d think with being able to finally be open about your relationship with Shannon that you’d be a lot more than fine.” AJ cocked his head. “But then, I would have thought we were good enough friends that you would have confided in me, too.”

“I couldn’t do that.” There was no way to explain the depth of his loyalty to Shannon. Not without sounding like he was a simpering fool following an unrequited love. “Shannon and I had made a choice.”

AJ shifted forward, holding Noah’s gaze. “Yeah, but how long ago did you make that choice, Noah?”

That was an easy one. “The minute I met him.”

His friend snorted. An honest-to-God snort. “Please. I’ve seen the way you watch him. Moon over him. But you never made a move. Not once.”

Noah clenched his teeth. He didn’t expect people to understand the way he felt, or the lengths to which he would go to make sure Shannon was happy. It wasn’t their business, and just because Shannon wanted to play at being a couple now didn’t make it their business. “You don’t get to question my loyalty or my love for him.”

“I have no doubt you feel both.”

The doubt was on Shannon.

Everything in Noah screamed at him to wipe the smirk off his friend’s face. Even as he shared that doubt. “We are going to need one more person to help with managing the booth at that conference next week. I’ll have Isabelle book your flight and hotel.”

AJ’s eyebrows shot up. “Excuse me?”

“You want to see for yourself that our relationship is real? Here’s your chance.” Noah typed out the email booking AJ’s flight, copying both AJ and Shannon. He met AJ’s surprised look with an amused one of his own as the iPhone on his friend’s hip dinged. “Congratulations. You’ll be spending one exhaustion-filled week in the lovely Hamburg, Germany.”

Okay, that was a great excerpt, I'm totally hooked! lol

Author Em Woods

Em Woods still considers herself an Army brat, which she credits for developing her imagination and curiosity. She is the mother of two energetic little boys, which she says gives her a wonderful sense of humour and an infinite amount of patience. She currently lives in beautiful southeast Michigan with her wonderful husband of 15 years but has lived just about everywhere thanks to the travel bug she inherited from her parents.

A typical day is a little crazy since she also works full-time in the automotive industry in the Motor City but always edges in some writing time (though sometimes sleep is the sacrifice!). Currently, she is multi-published with Total-e-Bound Publishing and Breathless Press.

You can find Em every week on her website:


Enough for Him and the rest of the Promoted by the Billionaire Anthology is Available NOW for Pre-order from Total-E-Bound with a release date of April 1,2013.

The general release date to other book retailers for this little gem, is April 29th, 2013.

However...if you need your fix now just click on the link to get your copy.

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Promoted by the Billionaire

Thanks for coming by Em!

Up tomorrow SL Majors and hot sex in the back of a Limo!




  1. Welcome Em!
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  2. I am enjoying the snippets of this anthology so much! Hope I win (if I don't I'll probably break down and buy it).

  3. Nancy, Thanks so much for having us! Sorry I didn't get by sooner!! :)