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Promoted by the Billionaire - Day #4 Fly to Him

It's my pleasure this week to host the new
Total-E-Bound M/M Anthology, Promoted by the Billionaire.

Each day throughout the week I will be introducing you to steamy M/M romances, share excerpts and introduce you to the talented authors who created these erotic tales.



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The Promoted by the Billionaire gang is also throwing a little giveaway this week.
Your job is to leave a comment for any or better yet… all the Promoted by the Billionaire authors. At the end of the week Saturday, April 6,2013 the
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The lucky winner will receive three eBooks :

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2) a copy of Marie Sexton's short fairy tale story, Cinder,
3) a copy of The Florentine Treasure, by Rowan Speedwell

Up next...

Fly to Him
by J.P. Bowie

A young flight attendant gets a billionaire’s attention in a way that could have meant the end of his career, but instead could be the beginning of an unexpected romance.

When Kevin Tate takes over for a friend as flight attendant on billionaire Logan Maguire’s private jet, he is certain it will be his one and only time aboard when he accidentally dumps an ice-cold drink on his employer’s lap. Instead, an instant attraction flares between the two men and Kevin accepts Logan’s offer to stay with him at his villa in Puerta Vallarta.

Their fledging romance is abruptly brought to an end when Logan hurries back to the States on a desperate mission to save his company from a hostile takeover. Kevin is left wondering if success and wealth is more important to the billionaire than the chance of love and real happiness.

Excerpt from Fly to Him

The takeoff was as smooth as silk and Kevin watched through the window as the earth dropped away from them and the Bombardier rose rapidly into the blue sky. Kevin loved flying. It was the reason he’d quit his job as a bank teller, answering an ad for flight attendants for a small airline, Jetair, dealing mostly with charter flights for corporations. In the three years he’d worked for Jetair he’d never tired of the thrill of travelling to different cities, or countries if he was lucky enough to get an international flight. Nor had he become blas√© about the views afforded by being so high above the coastlines, cities or mountains as the planes took off. It had all been great, until that one incident...

Steve gave them the all clear a few minutes later and he jumped up to freshen Mr Maguire’s drink. He took a second to duck into the toilet and make sure he looked okay. Not too bad, but I better not take the time to change into my clean shirt and pants. I’ll do it right after I deliver the drink. He hurried back to the bar, picked up the tray and made his way down the aisle to where Logan Maguire sat, looking out of the window.

“Your drink, sir,” he said breezily with a big smile. A big smile that morphed into an expression of horror as the plane suddenly shook, lurched and dropped what felt to Kevin like all of five hundred feet. “Gah!” The tray flew out of his hands, the glass of Scotch and ice did a swallow dive straight onto the billionaire’s lap, followed by Kevin who landed on his knees, face down among the ice and alcohol.

“Jesus!” Logan yelled, trying to stand but unable to because of the man pressed against him.

“Omigod,” Kevin yelped from between Logan’s legs. “I am so sorry.” He raised his head, wiping his face, and stared into the bluest eyes he had ever seen on any living human, man or woman. For a moment he was completely mesmerized, stunned by their arresting beauty. As he stared into those eyes, so it seemed their owner too was totally stunned, but for different reasons, Kevin was sure. He’d just had an ice cold Scotch and soda dumped on him and a complete stranger falling head first onto his crotch.

That was fantastic! lol  I wonder if Kevin will be punished? ;-)

Author J.P. Bowie

 J.P. Bowie was born and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland. He wrote his first (unpublished) novel at the age of 14 - a science fiction tale of brawny men and brawnier women that made him a little suspect in the eyes of his family for a while.

Leaving home at age eighteen for the bright lights of London, he found himself in the midst of a "diverse and creative crowd" that eventually led him to the performing arts. For the next twelve years he sang, danced and acted his way around the theatres of London and the provinces, appearing in shows with many famous British singers, actors and comedians. He emigrated to the US and made his home in Las Vegas, working for that illustrious duo, Siegfried and Roy.

  J.P. wrote his first gay mystery in 2000, and after having it rejected by every publisher in the universe, he opted to put his money where his mouth is and self published A Portrait of Phillip —still available, still selling.  Now over 50 books, short stories and novellas later, he is writing m/m erotica almost exclusively. J.P.'s favorite singer is Ella Fitzgerald, and his favorite man is Phil, his partner of 20 years.

Check out
J.P.'s Website: http://www.jpbowie.com/


Fly To Him and the rest of the Promoted by the Billionaire Anthology is Available NOW for Pre-order from Total-E-Bound with a release date of April 1, 2013.
The general release date to other book retailers for this little gem, is April 29th, 2013.

However...if you need your fix now just click on the link to get your copy.



Thanks so much for stopping by today J.P. and sharing your story with us.

Next up is author Em Woods, so get your butts back here for another chance to win some great prizes.
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