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Promoted by the Billionaire - Party Day #6 Vital to Him

It's my pleasure this week to host the new Total-E-Bound M/M Anthology, Promoted by the Billionaire.

Each day throughout the week I will be introducing you to steamy M/M romances, share excerpts and introduce you to the talented authors who created these erotic tales.



***Goodie Alert***

The Promoted by the Billionaire gang is also throwing a little giveaway this week.
Your job is to leave a comment for any or better yet… all the Promoted by the Billionaire authors.
At the end of the week Saturday, April 6,2013 the
crew will chose one lucky commenter.

So don't forget to leave those comments!

The lucky winner will receive three eBooks :
1) choice of a back list book from SL Majors,
2) a copy of Marie Sexton's short fairy tale story, Cinder,
3) a copy of The Florentine Treasure, by Rowan Speedwell

This is it boys and girls, the last story in the PBTB Anthology.
That might be sad but let me tell you, this crew is going out with a bang!

Vital to Him
by SL Majors

No fraternising…

Billionaire Brenton Marston has rules meant to keep the boundaries clear. He respects his employees and never wants anyone to feel as they owe him anything.

Robert Silles, the reformed hoodlum, has desired his boss for years. Robert has fantasised about introducing Mr Marston to the pleasures of man on man sex, fucking him and sucking him until he forgets his numerous stresses.

When his trusted chauffeur suggests a hook-up, Brenton is stunned, but he knows he shouldn’t be. No one knows him better than the man who’s seen him at his best as well as his worst.

It shouldn’t surprise him that Silles knows him and his innermost secrets. In fact, Silles recognised the truth before Brenton ever.
Silles’ suggestive offer turns Brenton on. Damn if he isn’t attracted to this broad, handsome, sexy man, in a way he never wanted anyone else.

The question is, will Brenton push aside his inhibitions and reservations? Will he allow his chauffer to give him what he craves? Will he willingly surrender to the orders of his servant?

Excerpt from Vital to Him

Robert straightened his cap and brushed a speck of dirt off his neatly pressed chauffeur’s jacket before pushing away from the gleaming black stretch limousine to greet his employer. Stairs were being pushed up to the small, expensive jet. It would be only a matter of a minute or so until the plane’s door opened and he finally saw Brenton again. How long had he been gone this time? Almost a week. To Robert, it could have been a month.

For Colorado in early autumn, the evening was mild. The sun was setting behind the Rockies to the west, painting the sky with vivid oranges and purples. Since he was focused on waiting for the door to open, he barely noticed anything.

After an interminable wait, Brenton emerged.

What Robert wouldn’t give for the opportunity to help his boss relieve some of his stress. But the mere hint of that would cross the boundary lines the Marstons kept between them and the hired help. "Welcome home, sir," Robert shouted above the roar of a departing plane.

He sincerely meant the greeting. He couldn’t keep the grin off his face. For the last few days, he’d felt like a little kid anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus. "How was your flight?" He moved in to claim the man’s expensive leather briefcase. Some designer label, he knew. But unless it had something to do with cars, logos meant little to him.

"Three time zones in five days," Brenton said.

"The car is cool. I’ve poured you a whisky."

"You’re a good man, Silles."

It was a fantasy to hear Brenton call him anything other than his surname. Robert opened the rear door. As Brenton slid inside, Robert caught a whiff of the man’s scent. He smelled of power, of success, of ambition, all laced with pheromones. It had musky undertones, and Robert knew it hadn’t come out of a bottle. Harnessing his thoughts, Robert placed the briefcase on the carpeted floor and then closed the door.

After stowing the luggage, Robert eased onto Arapahoe Road and then turned north onto the interstate that would take them north for a few miles. He cast surreptitious glances in the mirror as he drove.

With his left hand, Brenton loosened his tie, dragging the knot down to mid-chest. Then he released the top button on his shirt before exhaling and leaning his head back. Always aware of appearances, the man generally looked ready to buy a business.

For a moment, Robert fantasised about straddling the other man and trailing his tongue down the column of Brenton’s throat. Robert would open each button one at a time, and place his mouth over each bit of exposed skin. Emboldened by Brenton’s moans, Robert would loosen the man’s belt, unzip his pants, then roughly take hold of his cock and stroke him off as Brenton moaned and writhed helplessly.

What can I say except...OH MY!

Author SL Majors

SL Majors shares stories that are meant to take you on an adventure, weaving tantalize and arouse the senses, shock with detail and emotion, and, hopefully, make you think. She likes to explore complex relationship issues in a way that culminates in a believable, satisfying ending.

From a young age she loved running around the UK (and unfortunately finding out what nettles are!). She learned that things aren’t always what they seem. In her stories, she constantly strives to capture the world’s mystery, beauty, and the trials that make life such a rich experience.

You can find SL at

Vital To Him and the rest of the Promoted by the Billionaire Anthology is Available NOW for Pre-order from Total-E-Bound with a release date of April 1,2013.

The general release date to other book retailers for this little gem, is April 29th, 2013.

However...if you need your fix now just click on the link to get your copy.

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Promoted by the Billionaire


Well, that's the final story in the Promoted by the Billionaire Anthology.
I'd like to thank SL for stopping by and teasing us with that great excerpt.
Stop by tomorrow for a quick recap of the Anthology and to find out who the lucky winner is.
See you then.

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