Sunday, 3 November 2013

Ten things you might not know about Author S.Dora (and a chance to win your very own story)

Ten things you might not know about Author S. Dora
 (and a chance to win your very own story)

Happy Monday folks! Today the talented S. Dora is visiting, and not only is she going to share her new book with us but she has a very special giveaway too!


10 Things you might not know about
Author S. Dora

 1. I never learned to drink coffee. I absolutely hate the taste. Only tea for me, please.
2. Okay, and hot chocolate.
3. I honestly can’t remember the slightest thing about the first meeting between my wife and me. Or, that we even had a first meeting.
4. On October 30, we celebrate our anniversary. This year it will be the 32th.
5. If I have to make a choice, I’d prefer watching an action or war movie over a chick flick or romcom.
6. My wife and I call a woman who we think is attractive, a “cup of tea” (as in: “I wouldn’t mind drinking a cup of tea with her.” And no, drinking a cup of tea isn’t an euphemism for sex)
7. I think taking a piece of liquorice and a peppermint in your mouth at the same time is one of the world’s best taste-combinations.
8. I’m probably one of the least sexually adventurous persons you’re likely to meet, but you wouldn’t guess that in a million years from reading my books.
9. I prefer to read non-fiction.
10. I have never dressed as a man and I haven’t owned a single dress or skirt since my 18th birthday.

Calling the Shots

The Calling the Shots series tells the story of slightly conservative office worker Isaac and his beloved Tom during their journey to integrate D/s into their committed but so far mostly vanilla relationship.

Isaac has to face his doubts and uncertainties about his role as Dominant. No matter how much he wants to make his lover happy, is it really okay for him to order a grown man around, spank and cane him, even/especially if that person is his lover and he’s positively begging for it? 
But, make no mistake about it, both Isaac and Tom have a whole lot of hot sex while discovering what works for them as a couple, and romance is still very much on the menu.


A celebration and a chance to win

To celebrate the publication of the third part of the Calling the Shots series, Becoming Sir, the first part, Facing the Truth, will be on sale for $0.99 until November 8st at Totally Bound or at Amazon and you can also find it on Goodreads.

On a number of those days, I will write a guest blog. Anyone who posts a reaction during this mini tour, has a chance to win a gift card of $10. Every blog I visit means a new chance to win a gift card.

You will also be eligible for a one-in-a-kind story. I will write a short story of at least 3000 words for one lucky winner. Yes, you get to choose if you want m/m or m/f (or a moresome) their names, their looks, how hot/sweet the story will be, and lots more.

You get a “story-ticket” every time you react to my blog post during the mini tour. You win two extra chances if you leave a review for either Facing the Truth, The Right Direction or Becoming Sir at for instance Amazon or GoodReads.

You have until November 7 to visit the blogs that host me during this tour and leave a reaction. Please be so kind to explicitly state that you want to participate in the story- lottery. Even if you’re not interested in a specially written for you story, you’re still fully eligible to win one of the $10 gift cards. After November 8, I will announce the winners.

 I posted the rules and conditions in my own blog, but the main thing is that I won’t publish this story anywhere. It will be uniquely written for you.

Please leave your e-mail with your reaction(s) if you want a chance to win a $10 gift certificate and/or a story.


See my blog for a list of online places that sell my books, where I’m also guest-blogging and all other information.

Holy Cow what a great idea!
A story written just for you. This has the possibility to get very interesting. *wink*
Thanks for stopping by today sharing your new book and good luck!


  1. There was a local place that used to serve a "Dirty Earl"--hot chocolate infused with Earl Grey tea. I've never heard it called that anywhere else, but it does sound good...


  2. I'm mostly a tea drinker also, although I love Mocha coffee hot or iced. And I can't forget Bailey's or Irish coffee either ^_^

    I would like to enter the written-for-you story competition and I am over the age of 18


  3. I'm agree with the "only tea or hot chocolate" policy of yours. I had been living in Finland for a year where people drink coffee like it's water and they usually don't even have tea at their home so if I went to someones house for a chat or anything I had to bring my own tea with myself.

    And I'd like to enter the written-for-you story competition (I'm over the age of 18) josefinssmile(at)gmail(dot)com


  4. I love the facts about you and your wife. Especially the "cup of tea" one.

    Oh yeah, and I'd still like to enter the story competion. (I'm over the age of 18). My email: zimenax(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. What interesting facts, and congrats on the 32nd anniversary! I didn't drink coffee for most of my life, and just started to drink it occasionally now.
    html-2(AT) hotmail (dot)com

  6. I do love coffee, but I can't drink it any more, so now I only drink tea. And I avoid dresses as much as possible!

    susanmik AT gmail DOT com

  7. I actually love the smell of coffee, but I'm not a fan of the taste. And I'm with you on the action movies over chick flicks. And I only wear dresses for fancy occasions.


  8. Love the list. My number one would be 'Never developed a liking for coffee, tea, beer, or wine.'
    And Happy Anniversary(a few days late).
    Thanks for the contest and would love a chance to have a story written just for me.