Monday, 6 October 2014

Always Holly by H K Carlton - #Always Cambridge #mobsters #romance

Well Cambridge fans, that time has finally come. The last installment of the Always Cambridge SeriesAlways Holly is out and something tells me Holly's life hasn't turned out quite the way I thought it would.

Before we get wrapped up in the final conclusion, a word from our sponsor...aka Author H K Carlton.

Mixed Emotions...

Always Holly, the last book in the Always Cambridge series has been released and I have mixed feelings about about saying good-bye to this series. My Cambridge story has been with me for many years and to finally see it completely published is a dream come true. Literally, since the entire idea came from a grainy dream. I am excited to share it with readers and am beyond thrilled with amazing reviews, ratings and feedback coming in. I’ll miss my characters but it’s time to move on.

But something disturbing has come about. I thought I’d seen the last of this series and these characters. And to tell the truth, I am a bit Cambridged out at this point. The last thing I want to do right now is get back into it. But I’ve had more than one reader PM me, e-mail, or leave a comment in a review and ask if there will be more. 
I thought it was done. And after being stalked for months by Victor Mayhue, in my head, telling me the series was not complete, this is a bit of an unwelcome development. But readers have shown great interest in a spin off with some secondary characters. Another reader suggested that if/when I do continue that I go more with the mafia theme than the romance one. Which seems to be the one criticism I am receiving. The people want More violence! But romance is what I write, right? Albeit every conceivable sub-genre therein, but romance all the same.

On the other hand, I feel obligated. Not only to the readers but to me as well. And if the series is being well received, don’t I owe it to myself and them, to make the most of it? Besides, when it comes to writing, I love a challenge. And this would certainly be one. To begin with, the entire AC idea was a runaway train. Just when I thought I was finished, another creative burst happened. Could I actually duplicate that magic again? (I really doubt it) Would it be one book? Several? A different genre? Crap, do I really want to do it all again? For now, I don’t know. I need to recover from the AC burnout first and we’ll see what comes. It has been an emotional ride for sure. I’m going to take some time and work on finishing up some other projects that took a back seat during the crazy 6 books in 6 months release schedule. And if I do decide to take this on, I think I will do the same as I did with the first series, if it is going to be a series at all, the entire thing will be complete before I submit it. Stay tuned!

I’d also like to thank my author friends, like you, Nanc, for helping me spread the word. I am truly grateful.

Awe! It was my pleasure HK. 
All I ask, as a hopeless addict of the Cambridge saga, please let me know if you decide to carry on with the series! 

by  H K Carlton

Only the worthy are rewarded with happily-ever-after. 

In this final emotional installment of the Always Cambridge Saga Series, Holly Cambridge lives a quiet unassuming life as Beth Gregory in Witness Protection.

While drowning in heartrending grief, Holly struggles to move on with her life. Her nights are filled with nightmares of ghosts and regret. Her days seem unending, grey and lifeless. She plods through for only one reason. One very important one.

But one surprise meeting brings a ray of light into her darkness, in the form of Victor Mayhue, the love she’d been forced to leave behind.

However, with that glimmer of hope, Victor forces Holly to face the demons of her past. She is compelled to confess her sins and reveal the secrets she and Randy had squandered a lifetime to hide. And she must suffer the harshest judgment of all, from the one person whose esteem and respect mean more to her than life itself.

Will the Mayhues finally destroy the existence Holly has always dreamed of by taking away the one thing she’s fought her entire life to achieve? Or in the end, will Victor ultimately realize the role he was always meant to fulfill? 

Author Bio 

H K Carlton is a multi-published Canadian author of romance and its varied sub-genres, including contemporary, paranormal, historical, family saga and erotica.

Where can you find H K???

Violence, Danger, Sex, Obsession, The Mob, The Feds and so much more.

Follow the saga from the beginning... Always Cambridge

Always Cambridge #1

Always Cambridge

He is her guardian, but she’ll do anything within her power to protect him. His only duty is to keep her safe, but he can’t save her.

The Always Cambridge Series chronicles the life of Holly Cambridge through her tumultuous childhood and violent teen years and the consequences that stem from being the daughter of mob boss, Bill Cambridge.
Holly Cambridge is just a typical kid, or so she thinks, until one day, she takes a good look around and realizes her friends don’t have bodyguards dogging their every step.

At the age of sixteen, Holly is assigned a new bodyguard, Randy Phillips. He is a tall, muscular, God-like force in the young, impressionable and lonely girl’s life. He is her friend, her confident, her conscience, and the older man she adores beyond reason.

Randy Phillips is fully aware of his young charge’s adolescent crush on him. Although he is flattered by the adulation, he maintains a safe distance and professional demeanour until Holly is wounded in a rival family blood feud, and the course of both their lives is changed forever.

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Always Cambridge #2


No matter how far or fast you run, you'll never escape the past.

The Always Cambridge Series chronicles the life of Holly Cambridge through her tumultuous childhood, violent teen years, into adulthood, and the consequences that stem from being the daughter of mob boss, Bill Cambridge.
It’s been three years since anyone has seen or heard from Holly Cambridge. But when she surfaces, she doesn't return home to the loving arms of her family. Instead, she heads straight to the FBI offering information that will destroy the Cambridge crime family.

Special Agent Alex Orton sees Holly Cambridge as nothing more than the next commendation standing between him and the ultimate promotion. What he doesn't bargain for is the shy, damaged, but feisty little woman that convinces his superiors to let her infiltrate a rival family, with Alex heading up the mission.

Holly and Alex clash at every turn, but Alex is intrigued by Holly’s sharp mind and boundless courage and must constantly fight his burgeoning feelings for his lovely informant. Alex is a strict disciplinarian of the rules and can’t reconcile the girl who can’t play by them.

As Holly carries out the sting and insinuates herself into the enemy’s camp, she develops a close and common bond with the middle Mayhue son, the exotically good looking and charismatic Victor. The very man who could end her life, if he were to discover her secret.

Hands tied, Alex must stand back, for the good of the team, and watch the tragedy play out.

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Always Cambridge #3

Misfortune of Birth

When constantly surrounded by violence, corruption and immorality, how do you keep from becoming the very thing that you abhor?

The Always Cambridge Series chronicles the life of Holly Cambridge through her tumultuous childhood, violent teen years into adulthood, and the consequences that stem from being the daughter of mob boss, Bill Cambridge.
Holly Cambridge barely recognizes herself anymore. Pretending to be another person is beginning to wear thin. Disguised as Randi Yates, she entangles herself into the perilous life of the irresistible Victor Mayhue. But day by day, she falls more desperately and impossibly in love with her natural enemy. Together they explore a highly sexual, dark and dangerous relationship. The lines between right and wrong and good and evil, begin to blur. And while attempting to shield and protect Victor from the Feds and even his own family, Holly loses sight of her original goal.

Victor understands her more than anyone she’s ever met. Essentially they have lived the same life. He is her other half. But once he discovers who she really is and what she’s done, there will be no going back. Victor Mayhue is not a second chance kind of guy.

And in the end, one of them will be forced to face their true nature.

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Always Cambridge #4

Law and Order:

Crime and Chaos

The wheels of justice might turn slowly, but destiny's punishment can be swift and merciless.

The Always Cambridge Series chronicles the life of Holly Cambridge through her tumultuous childhood, violent teen years into adulthood, and the consequences that stem from being the daughter of mob boss, Bill Cambridge.
In the next highly charged installment of the Always Cambridge Family Saga Series, all the men in Holly’s life come together in one common goal—to keep the woman they love alive.
Special Agent Alex Orton of the FBI prepares Holly for the rigorous court proceedings to come, where she will testify not only against her own family, but also against the Mayhue crime family, including Victor’s volatile and sinister older brother, Lorenzo.

However, in the midst of all the personal turmoil, Holly’s first love and former bodyguard, Randy Phillips, emerges from the chaos. He vows to not only stand by her through the trials, but accompany her into Witness Protection and her afterlife, if in fact they make it that far, as both the Mayhue and Cambridge crime families swear retribution.
But in a twist of law and fate, Lorenzo Mayhue is unexpectedly released from prison and lures Holly to the Mayhue Excavating warehouses under the guise of Victor.
Five people enter the storehouse, but only three walk out.

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Always Cambridge #5


Dreams of second chances are only nightmares in the making.

The Always Cambridge Series chronicles the life of Holly Cambridge through her tumultuous childhood, violent teen years into adulthood, and the consequences that stem from being the daughter of mob boss, Bill Cambridge.
Holly Cambridge and Randy Phillips are dead!

But they re-emerge in Witness Protection as Beth and Andy Gregory, far away from the mob life that nearly destroyed them.
Can Holly finally realize her dream and live in peace without the threat of violence shadowing her every step? Settle down in one place, put down roots with the husband and the loving family she’s always dreamed of?
Or will the Mayhue vendetta reach across the ocean and strike Holly where it hurts the most?

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Well there you have it. All 6 Always Cambridge books! If you haven't checked out this amazing series should. I really think you will enjoy it.I'd like to send out a big THANKS to H K  for sharing Always Holly  with us today. I'm sad to see your visits at an end but I look forward to finishing the rest of your series. Take care and the best of luck with the Always Cambridge Series.



  1. I'm sad to see our visits end as well, Nanc, but I can't thank you enough for hosting my Cambridge gang for the last six months. I'm going to miss you. Perhaps you could stop on over at my place; I'll spring for the double doubles and maple donuts. :D
    Love ya!

  2. Mmmm...Maple donuts.
    That sounds great! lol

  3. More Cambridge! More Cambridge! More Cambridge! Getting the hint HK? I loved this serious so much and I'm having a hard time letting go. #postcambridgedepression ;)