Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Unabridged Andra: Blog Tour: Bannockburn Spell! (+$20 Amazon Giftcar...

Unabridged Andra: Blog Tour: Bannockburn Spell! (+$20 Amazon Giftcar...:

Title: The Bannockburn Spell Author: Nancy Adams  Series: N/A Pages: 470 Publisher: Total E-Bound Publishing
~~~Happily Ever Afters: Yes or No? ~~~

Honey, that is a loaded question, especially when you ask me, the girl that lost her s**t when Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Billy was killed at the end of The Departed. *Booo. Hiss.*

          So, my answer to your question would be...YES! You had better believe happily ever afters are a must. This is of course the personal opinion of a woman who writes erotic romance, so my view might be a tad biased.  

          When I buy books, I’m looking for entertainment and I want to feel satisfied at the end. I want feisty women who takes crap from no one, muscular dudes who have a soft spot for those sassy chicks and I want love to prevail! Hallelujah!

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