Thursday, 5 December 2013

Where do MY story ideas come from? Sharing Links and Wisdom: No Matter When VBT

Sharing Links and Wisdom: No Matter When VBT:

Where do ideas come from?

For me ideas come in many forms. From sitting on the beach in Dominican Republic, drinking Pina Coladas to a Beware of the Wolves sign on Vancouver Island in British Colombia to yes…vacuuming.

Ideas can come from anywhere and anything. And the three examples above happened to me. Seriously…true story!

No Matter When was sparked from drinking to many Pina Coladas and my next book, Extinct, due out February/March 2014 came to me after walking through a forest that had a sign warning about wolves in the area. And just the other day while I was vacuuming my upstairs I had the best idea for a contemporary romance. I was simply pushing my Dyson around my room admiring my nice clean carpet and BAM!  A whole story idea popped into my head. Crazy right! Personally, I think my inspiration came from my Dyson. I just love that thing!

So you see...

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