Tuesday, 26 March 2013

And we have a WINNER!

Okay Gang,

The Bannockburn Spell Excerpt Tour is over. Boooo!
But I do have my two winners. Hoooooray!

The Random Comment winner is Andra Lyn.
Andra Lyn was great fun to chat to over the course of my tour and I'm sending her a huge THANKS for following along.
Enjoy your prize Andra Lyn!

It was also my pleasure to award one lucky blog a prize as well. 
The Random Blog winner was Francesca's Mindstream!  
Francesca Hawley is a multi-published author who works by day and writes by night. Oh yeah...She runs a pretty great blog as well. You should check it out.


Thanks to all of you who followed The Bannockburn Spell Excerpt Tour and left comments, it was really great chatting it up with you and I certainly hope you all get a chance to read The Bannockburn Spell in the near future.



Pssst...Keep your eyes open and glued to Goodreads. I'm having a giveaway soon!

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